Network Firewalls

Your network firewall is the most important security device on your network. It is configured to restrict and to block unauthorized access while allowing for effective communication between users. The experienced team at Innovative Computers has the skills and the resources to design, install, and manage your network firewall to ensure your company’s network is safe and secure.

Network firewalls reduce the risk of spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, and more by reducing the access of unauthorized users to your network. As a connector between your router and the internet, our experienced technicians configure, update, and manage your network firewall to ensure you’re in control of your communication. Our network firewalls are compatible with your technology, including:

  • Macs
  • PCs
  • Tablets
  • Mobile OS’s
  • And More

Network Firewall Benefits

  • Web Filtering: By programing your network firewall, we are able to dictate which websites users have access to while browsing the internet. Depending on the needs of your business and your security, web filtering can be set up to block a few select websites or block all websites and only allow a few.
  • Restrict Bandwidth: Through your network firewall settings, we are able to determine which resources get the most bandwidth to ensure your processes run effectively. These settings allow us to set priorities to ensure the technology you need the most is able to operate at peak performance.
  • Virus Protection: Protect your computers, tablets, and mobile devices from viruses, spyware, and malware with the right network firewall configurations. By restricting access to your network, our network firewalls protect and safeguard your system.
  • Spam Filtering: Defend your email from from spam and phishing emails. With spam filtering on your network firewall, you can ensure the emails in your inbox are from reliable sources and protected against viruses and other threats.
  • IP Creation: For your business, you require a wide variety of IP addresses to meet the needs of your network. At Innovative Computers, we manage your DHCP servers to create and distribute unique IP addresses to your computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Without a proper network firewall for your network, your sensitive data, customer databases, employee information, and business files are at risk. Our network firewalls protect all your computers and systems simultaneously, protecting your network and keeping your company operating at peak performance.

Secure your network and protect against cyber attacks with a network firewall from Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.