Network Security

Hackers, viruses, spyware, ransomware, and more could be affecting your business, you need reliable network security to keep your information safe. At Innovative Computers, as your IT department, we utilize our understanding of your system to generate network security solutions that will manage access, while ensuring you’re meeting the communication needs of your customers and employees.

Network Security Solutions

  • Network Evaluation: To gain a better understanding of the inefficiencies in your network, we do a thorough evaluation. Through these results, we determine the vulnerabilities in your system as well as develop solutions that will protect your network from potential threats.
  • Virus Protection: A major line of defense for your network is virus protection. This software is created and updated to be able to detect and delete viruses, and malicious software, as they attempt to penetrate your computer to retrieve vital information regarding your company, employees, and clients.
  • Firewalls: The most important component of your network security is your firewall. Your firewall manages the access and permissions to your system. At Innovative Computers, we set up, manage, and update your firewall to ensure your network is safe and secure from online threats, malicious malware, and unauthorized users.
  • And More

Your business is responsible for handling confidential and pertinent information pertaining to company records, customer information, and more. Having your network protected is your top priority and, at Innovative Computers, we have the skills and the expertise to implement the right procedures to ensure your network is safe.

Our programmers and technicians design and implement network security protocols that keep your business efficiently communicating while also safe from cyber threats and malicious software.

Keep your business protected with professional network security from Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.