Wireless Network Evaluation

As a business, you are dependent on the reliability of your wireless network. Whether you are a new business needing an initial installation or your current wireless is not meeting your demands, our skilled technicians, at Innovative Computers, will conduct an extensive wireless network evaluation to determine the needs, inefficiencies, and vulnerabilities of your network.

Wireless Network Evaluation Process

  • Wireless Site Survey: Through our site surveys, we are able to determine vulnerabilities, channel interferences, and hardware inefficiencies that may be slowing down your network. As our customer, these surveys can be performed yearly to ensure your network remains optimized.
  • Evaluate Hardware for Updates: Our professional networkers evaluate your current hardware to determine if its up to date and to current standards. Once our wireless network evaluation is completed, we are able to provide reliable recommendations for repair or replacement of your network hardware to create a faster, more dependable wireless network.
  • Review Wireless Network Needs: As your business grows and develops the needs of your wireless network changes. With the addition of new computers, peripherals, and employees, your network may not be as efficient as first installed. Our team evaluates your needs once a year to determine if your network meets your current standards. We upgrade or redesign your network to ensure your wireless is fast, dependable, and meets your coverage demands.
  • Install Network: For new businesses, our team is experienced and skilled in designing and implementing a wireless network that will incorporate all the needs of your company. We complete a wireless network evaluation to create a design that includes optimizing coverage, installing wireless access points, and reducing channel interference.

Your wireless network provides you with the flexibility to work, print, and interact with customers wirelessly. When your wireless network is failing to meet your demands, an evaluation will determine the inefficiencies, allowing us to determine a reliable, affordable solution.

As our customer, you will receive the added bonus of having your wireless network evaluated and managed by our team. Through continued review, we can ensure you wireless coverage will expand with the needs of your growing business.

Improve your coverage, reduce your inefficiencies, and remove interference with a wireless network evaluation from Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.