Wireless Network Security

Your wireless network gives you the opportunity to work wire free throughout your office. Your wireless network connects you to your servers, printers, and more; however, if not secured, it can also connect you to cyber criminals and data hacks. At Innovative Computers, we evaluate and secure your wireless network to ensure your information and your computers are safe.

Wireless Network Security Process

  • Perform A Network Evaluation: We take the time to properly review and evaluate your current network security to determine if your systems are up to today’s standards. From our evaluation, we conclude the best solutions for your company’s security needs.
  • Install Secured Guest Network: Your guests need a fast, reliable wireless connection; however, they do not need access to your business’s vital information. We design and implement a secure guest wireless network that allows you to determine the amount of access they have to your network.
  • Configure Encryption: Sometimes hackers are able to penetrate through your wireless security. As an additional line of defense, our team scrambles and encodes your information, ensuring they are unable to intercept or interpret your data.

As a business, you rely on your network to provide essential solutions for communication, file sharing, and more; unfortunately, the ease of your wireless also provides opportunities for outside threats and vulnerabilities. Keeping your wireless network secure is our top priority. We design, implement, and manage wireless network security solutions that will keep your computers safe and secure without reducing the efficiency of your system.

Ensure your wireless network is secure and safe from cyber threats with Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.