Asset Management

Your technology is one of your company’s biggest assets. From file storage to wireless networking and more, you rely on your equipment. At Innovative Computers, we keep a detailed inventory of your equipment to ensure your assets are diligently managed.

Benefits of Asset Management

  • Taxes: Through our asset management program, we keep detailed records of the technology you have purchased ensuring you have the receipts and inventory data you need to accurately complete your taxes. Our programs helps your company save money by accurately recording and reporting business expense tax deductions.
  • Regular System Upgrades: By managing your assets, we are able to watch over your system to ensure your computers, servers, WAPs, and more are properly updated and secured to protect your company from potential malfunctions and security threats.
  • Updated Inventory: Through our asset management process, we tag and log all of your companies technologies, creating a complete and thorough inventory. Through this list, we track your warranties, the life expectancy of each product, and updates needed. At Innovative Computers, we provide you with the information you need on your systems so that you can focus on your business.
  • System Troubleshooting: Our systems keep track of tickets that have been imputed for each piece of technology. Through this process, we are able to keep track of equipment that has had numerous tickets, allowing us to escalate the issue and determine the appropriate, long term solution.

Our experienced team of technicians keep a detailed account of each of your technologies in order to keep your business running effectively. Through our asset management programs, we take the stress and the burden of your inventory out of your hands, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Innovative Computers provides your business with asset management solutions you can trust, call or contact us today.