Network Switch Hardware Support

Your network switch is invaluable to your company. Designed to connect all the computers together, your network switch is fundamental to your infrastructure. At Innovative Computer, we partner with your company to analyze your hardware to determine if your switch needs to be replaced, upgraded, or repaired for better efficiency.

The hardware on your switch is comprised of all the physical components and each components requires an experienced professional to maintain and to diagnosis when they malfunction. Your network switch includes the following hardware:

  • Modems
  • Switch Cases
  • Cables
  • Routers
  • Video Cards
  • RAM
  • And more

Network Switch Hardware Support Services

  • Remote Assistance: In many cases, when you are experiencing malfunctions or breakdowns of your network switch, our technicians are able to isolate the issue remotely. Based on the severity, we are able to either relay instructions or access your system remotely through a secure channel to implement your solution, reducing your downtime.
  • Onsite Support: Whether your network switch hardware needs to be replaced or the issue is too severe to be diagnosed remotely, we schedule affordable, reliable onsite support. Our technicians are able to quickly and effectively isolate your issues and provide repair or recommendations for system replacements.
  • System Evaluation: Our network switch hardware support goes beyond repair. We have the skills and the resources to perform a full system evaluation to determine inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, or potential security threats. With this information, we are able to be proactive instead of reactive, keeping your systems running at peak performance.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services: In the event of a network switch failure, we provide you with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency services, ensuring your technology is diagnosed and repaired as fast as possible.

When your company expands to include more than one computer, you need a network switch. Our teams work with you to consult, implement, and support your network switch hardware to ensure your company’s infrastructure works more efficiently.

For network switch hardware support you can depend on, call or contact us today.