Tech Wiring

Your wiring infrastructure is responsible for connecting and empowering your technology. However, having cords, wires, and cables exposed throughout your building can be unsightly and dangerous. It is imperative that your technology is not only wired correctly, but that the aesthetic and that the professionalism of your space is maintained. Our skilled technicians ensure the tech wiring for your devices is installed quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

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Tech Wiring Services

  • Wiring: From computer networks to sound systems and more, we have the skills and the expertise to provide you with professional tech wiring solutions, including:
    • RG6: We have the expertise to wire and troubleshoot RG6 wiring which is typically utilized for analog camera systems.
    • Ethernet: The backbone of your network, Innovative Computers runs and connects your computer to your network switches utilizing ethernet cabling.
    • Fiber: The fastest cabling available, our teams troubleshoot and install your fiber cables throughout your organization.
    • Coax: We have the expertise and the knowledge to professionally wire broadband connections to your modem or tv.
  • Installations: We go beyond installing. Our skilled teams are able to not only install, but configure your components to ensure your systems are fully operation for your business. We install the following:
  • Outlet Creation: For every work space you need proper outlets and electrical connections to ensure your devices can receive adequate power. Our tech wiring experts create and properly wire your outlets to meet the demands of your electronics.

For your tech wiring solutions, you need a professional company you can trust. Whether you need network wiring for your computers, additions to your current wiring schematic, or are a new construction, we have the skills and the resources to install, troubleshoot, and upgrade your cabling.

For experienced tech wiring solutions for your business, call or contact us, at Innovative Computers, today.