LAN/WAN Security

The ability to connect your computers, servers, printers, and more while sharing information, files, and software saves your company time and money. However, with access to your company’s sensitive or confidential information at stake, you need LAN / WAN security you can rely on. Our team, at Innovative Computers, understands the potential liabilities of sharing pertinent information; we configure and secure your local and wide area networks to protect against cyber threats and viruses.

LAN/WAN Security Process

  • LAN Security: Your local area network comprises of computers and peripherals that are connected to a server and are sharing resources. No matter if your LAN is encompassing only two computers or several hundred, it is imperative that it is secure, maintained, and updated to protect your data, employee information, and customer databases. Our technicians have the skills and resources to provide you with reliable LAN security.
  • WAN Security: Wide area networks create private networks that can be accessed in-between networks. This setup allows you to share resources, files, and information between buildings, company wide. With the right WAN security, we configure your network to assure only authorized users have access to the information available, protecting and securing your assets.

Through firewalls, virus protection, and more, our skilled team provides you with LAN / WAN security you can trust to keep your business safe. Safeguard your technology while allowing your company to share files, information, and even software safely and efficiently.

Protect your network with LAN / WAN security from Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.