Desktop and Laptop Hardware Support

Your desktops and laptops are vital to your business. Having your hardware malfunction results in a loss of valuable time and production. Our IT team, at Innovative Computers, partners with your company to provide fast, efficient, and reliable desktop and laptop support before and after a malfunction.

Hardware is anything that you can physically hold in your hand. These individual pieces work together to create your laptop or desktop solutions and when they malfunction, your computer is unable to work properly. Desktop and laptop hardware includes:

  • Laptop Screens
  • Monitors
  • Computer Towers
  • Keyboards
  • Power Supplies
  • RAM
  • Video Cards
  • And More

Desktop and Laptop Hardware Support Services

  • Consultation: By being a member of your team, we understand your company’s needs. We couple our expertise with your tech environment to provide you with recommendations for the best hardware, upgrades, or solutions to prevent malfunctions before they occur.
  • Remote Support: We understand the importance of having your computer fixed quickly and conveniently. By accessing a secure channel, we are able to remote access your computer to see the issue in real time. By being able to control your computer directly from our offices, we are able to troubleshoot and determine the defect within your laptop or desktop hardware.
  • Onsite Support: When repairs are unable to be completed over the phone or remotely, our team schedules an onsite repair. Once onsite, we are able to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair the defective equipment, getting your business back to peak performance.
  • Diagnosis & Repair: Whether on site or in person, our technicians review your laptop or desktop hardware to determine the best solution for your issues. Once we have completed our thorough diagnostics, we utilize our skills and expertise to either repair or replace the hardware causing your concerns.
  • System Evaluation: For our customers, we understand that when your laptops or desktops go down you lose valuable time and money. Through an in depth system evaluation, we ensure your hardware is secure and operating efficiently. We can also provide recommendations of hardware upgrades and replacements to ensure your company’s hardware works now and in the future.
  • Emergency Services: When your computers go down, you need a IT team that is immediately available. We place your critical needs as our top priority, providing you with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week emergency services for your laptop and desktop hardware support.

We become your reliable IT source, providing you with laptop and desktop hardware support that you can rely on. With 24 hour emergency support, we ensure your laptops and desktops are operating at peak performance.

For dependable desktop and laptop hardware support, you can trust the experts at Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.