Hard Drive Recovery

Your hard drive stores more than just documents and photos; it is also responsible for maintaining your programs, applications, and operating system. Whether you have experienced physical or logical hard drive corruption, Innovative Computers skilled technicians can recover your data.

When your hard drive crashes, valuable information stored on your computer could be compromised, lost, or encrypted. At Innovative Computers, we have the knowledge and the experience to professionally recover your hard drive.

Hard Drive Recovery Process

  • Diagnosis: Hard drive damage is typically classified as physical or logical. To properly fix and recover your digital content it is imperative that we diagnose the cause of your hard drive failure.
    • Physical Hard Drive Damage: Physical hard drive damage is classified as mechanical or electrical errors. Typically, in these type of corruptions, we are able to diagnose the malfunction because the hard drive is making a clicking, whirling, or grinding noise, indicating the mechanisms are not working correctly. Once we have diagnosed the cause of your physical damage, our experienced technicians are able to begin the hard drive recovery process.
    • Logical Hard Drive Damage: In these cases, the hard drive looks and acts as if it is functioning normally; however, the data has been corrupted. Often times, the system is unable to boot, locate your files, or the files themselves have been encrypted. When you are experiencing these issues, Innovative Computers has the skills and the expertise to recover your hard drive information.
  • In-House Hard Drive Recovery: After we have determined that your computer issues have been caused by hard drive failure, our skilled teams will begin the recovery process in-house. We understand that the information stored on your computers, servers, and more is invaluable to you; our team is available for your critical issue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, recovering your data.
  • Hard Drive Recovery Specialists: For hard drives that can not be recovered by our in-house team, we have a relationship with a team of specialists that have the skills, tools, and equipment to restore and rescue your digital content.
  • Whether you are experiencing a hard drive failure due to mechanical error, accidental file deletion, viruses, or corruption, Innovative Computers has the skills and the resources to safely and quickly restore your files. With 24 hour emergency services available, our experienced team is ready to diagnose and recover your hard drive, saving you time and money.

    When your hard drive fails you need a recovery team you can trust. Call or contact us today.