Surveillance Cameras

From homeowners to business owners, surveillance cameras give you more than peace of mind, they provide added security, asset protection, crime prevention, and more. At innovative Computers, we utilize our years of experience and expertise to design, implement, and maintain your security system. Once your cameras are installed, you own your system, safeguarding your property without the monthly fee.

Surveillance Camera Services

  • Surveillance Camera Design: Our installers walk your space with you, giving you the opportunity to highlight the areas that you believe need the most protection. We couple your concerns with our experience to provide knowledgeable recommendations. Based on the ideal security solutions for your home or office, we ensure your surveillance camera designs highlight your safety concerns while also accentuating parking lots, driveways, entryways, dark areas, and more.
  • Installation: Once your design has been finalized, our teams will completely build your security system. This includes mounting cameras, professional wiring solutions, connecting your surveillance cameras to your DVR (digital video recorder), and uploading your surveillance cameras to our DNS allowing for remote monitoring and recording capabilities.
  • Video Recording: To get the most from your surveillance system, we provide you with reliable video recording and storage. This allows you to playback and store high quality, clear videos directly to your system. If needed, these recordings have the clarity to be used to pursue legal action against perpetrators.
    • 24/7 Recording: Depending on the size of your storage capacity, your system can be set to 24/7 video recording and monitoring. Our high quality, clear-view surveillance cameras give you the best video clarity. These recording are saved on your DVR and may be retrieved and re-played at any time.
    • Motion Activated Recording: To save storage space while also protecting your assets, your system can be set to motion activated recordings that start 10 seconds before the motion and end 10 seconds after. When motion is detected, you will receive email alerts detailing the time of the action, prompting you to playback or view the activity in your home or office. These recordings are stored and saved on your DVR to be retrieved at any time. If needed, our experienced technicians are available to help recover any saved recordings.
  • Remote Monitoring: View your cameras and monitor your space from wherever you are. Our surveillance systems give you the opportunity to view, playback, and control your cameras in real time. At Innovative Computers, our experienced team creates a website for your system and connects you via a free app. By accessing this app, you get a live stream of each of your cameras remotely.
  • At Innovative Computers, we stand by our products. All our surveillance camera hardware is warrantied for one full year and all our installations are warrantied for 90 days. Our full-service installation ensures you have the asset protection you need while giving you peace of mind that your home or office is safe and secure.

    Protect your assets and secure your facility with surveillance cameras from Innovative Computers. Call or contact us today.