Windows Server 2003 End of Life

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In less than six months, Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 will be retired. Microsoft will terminate the security updates, non- security hot fixes, and updates after July 15, 2015, which ends the products lifecycle. As you are aware, servers are critical to a business because of the applications that run on them, which may have to be rewritten or upgraded.

In anticipation of the high volume of migrations that will occur in the first quarter of 2015, Innovative Computers is encouraging all Windows Server 2003 users to schedule their migration as soon as possible. Migrating a server is much more complex than retiring an OS, and may have to be done in phases. In order to avoid running a server that is unsupported, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Innovative Computers will assess your situation, and plan all phases of the migration to minimize the impact to your business. Thank you for using Innovative Computers for this critical service.